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Exchange and refund

How do I return an item if it was delivered by a New mail/courier?

You need to send the product for return by the New Mail delivery service

What you need to send the product for a refund:

• The item you want to return;

• Product packaging, all labels and tags;

Please note!

Return of the product is possible only if its consumer properties and presentation are preserved

(no signs of use or wear, original and undamaged packaging and labels).

The product that was in use is not subject to return! The refund must be processed as a normal one

send the parcel to the address. Refunds sent to other addresses cannot be processed.

The parcel is sent at the buyer's expense. The product should not be sent by cash on delivery.

Address to send:

Dnipro, New post office no. 165, tel. 0966696981

How long can I return the product?

You can return an item of good quality within 14 days, not counting the day of purchase.

You can return an item of poor quality within 30 days, not counting the day of purchase.

When will the refund be made?

A refund for the product is made within 7 days after the physical receipt of Your parcel at the New post office.

Can I exchange an item instead of returning it?

Yes, you can make an exchange. To do this, select a suitable product for exchange and contact us

Step-by-step instructions:

•1 Inform the Manager:the number of the failed order, as well as the article and size of the selected product for exchange

•2 Expect delivery of the appropriate product within 2-4 days from the date of sending an unsuitable order to us

Attention! The parcel is sent without cash on delivery. All shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

Can I return only part of the order?

Yes, you can return any item that didn't fit You

What is the warranty period for products?

The warranty period is 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order

What is a good quality product?

A product of good quality is a product that corresponds to the description on the site without manufacturing defects, which does not fit You in size, color or style.

The return of goods of proper quality is possible only if their commercial appearance (packaging, labels) and consumer properties are fully preserved. (the worn item is not refundable)

What is a product of poor quality?

A product of poor quality is a product that has manufacturing defects or does not match the description provided on the site. Manufacturing defects can be detected upon receipt, inspection and fitting of the product, without its commissioning within 30 days, not counting the day of purchase.

Do I still have questions?

For more information, as well as to address complaints about the quality of the product or service provided on an individual basis, please send a written request to the customer support service by email info@gofitness.com.ua or call one of the following numbers:

(063) 605-61-80;

(044) 228-60-63:

Enjoy your shopping!